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Who We Are

Dragon Arts Studio is the embodiment of Dove Govrin. All of her passion and artistic ability is showcased here and available for those who seek knowledge on health and wellness through Qigong and Chinese medicine.


My first encounter with Qigong (Qigong is the healing arts, rather than the martial arts, of Tai Chi for maintaining a balanced healthy well being.) occurred during an intense time of my life. I was working on my masters in movement therapy while raising a family: two small children, two years to complete the program, thesis and internship, lengthy daily commute… Totally Stressed! I discovered a local class in Qigong. During my first class I came back into my body: relaxed, energized, flowing, aware, connected and balanced. It was then that I discovered my life’s passion.

Involved in the Healing Arts for 30 plus years, I hold certification in movement therapy and in shiatsu as well as in Qigong. I have been fortunate to train under two world renowned Masters of Qigong. My studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine have enhanced my understanding of the healing connections between nature and our bodies. In teaching Qigong I integrate my own understanding and creative process while honoring the traditional forms.

This integrated creative process flows into my ceramic arts and movement. Yearning for a deeper connection with Mother Earth, I am drawn to her beauty, trees, and Garden of Life. I love feeling the textures of earth in my hands so I create objects with clay. I love moving on the earth so I teach Qigong and dance with earth’s rhythms and movements.

What I create in art I live through movement. What moves me I teach and create in art.

My ceramic art is inspired by elements of nature, animals, mythological creatures, and ritual objects from my cultural heritage. The dragon and other elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine enrich my imagination for my creations.

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