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Reflections on Dove’s Art

Early in March 2017 a dear friend passed away. Her relatives gathered, two in particular who came over from England were deeply grief stricken. Many family members staying in a very small home helped create a pressure cooker atmosphere. For a break I took my friends over to Kol Shofar synagogue in Tiburon to see Dove Govrin’s Dancing Trees of Life art exhibit. Dove had made a series of ceramic trees based on the tree of life, threaded with themes of love, peace, healing and adding motifs of healing and regeneration from her own knowledge of Chinese Medicine and the art of Qigong.

I was not sure how these Unfamiliar themes would resonate with my London friends but as we stood before the ceramic pieces it was obvious that they touched deeply providing healing and consolation. The symbol of the trees, the dance of Life and regeneration, the restorative power in nature transcend culture and language. My friends were able to pass from great distress to having moments of peace, relief and love.

The staff and Rabbi at Kol Shofar supported this consolation even more by their kindness and by the gift of a beautiful seven day remembrance candle.

I felt I witnessed the healing power of art and human kindness.

Thank you Dove and Kol Shofar.”

Teresa Colton — A student who visited the Dancing Trees of Life exhibit