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Dedicated to Thich Nath Hahn
Art of Mindful Living

Breathe in Breathe out
Be aware. Pay attention
Breathe deep. Breathe out slow
Peace. Ease
Smile. Joy

1) Exercise on back, knees bent, feet on floor
breathe in , out, rise and fall of belly like waves
2) Pelvic tilt breath, feel undulating spine
3) Bridge, undulate to high wave, slowly down vertebrae by vertebrae
4) Extend one leg, waters extend flowing out, alternating
5) Both legs arms extended, lengthen right side, then left alternating
6) Hands on belly, feel the calm, the breath, visualize calm waters with mountain
in reflection on lake, calm, feel rooted to earth,
7) Bend and circle one knee hands on top, body rooted, preparing soil
8) Plant tree, roots to earth, extend tree leg to heaven, flex point
Alternate leg, circle, extend, then 4 trees root and grow
9) Body 90 degrees, like lying chair, back rooted strong core stable like mountain
Press palms 4x in, out, front, top slow with breathe isometric
10) Circle both knees like whirl pools
11) Knees to side, arm circles like whirlpool, washing away tension, fear, over
thinking, obsessive thoughts on each breath, other side
While letting go, calmer, if one thought continues, be with it with your calm
breath, and see if thoughts less intense, can fade in background
Return to inner peace and calm with your breath