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Color Guide for Dragon Products:

The Yin Yang Dragons symbolize a complete system of healing and balance.
Dragons are guardians, transformative, protecting our body, mind and spirit. They are formed by both earth and cosmic vibrations.

Yin and Yang are two opposite complementary energies, never separate, one cannot exist without the other. They depend and support each other and they transform into the other. The universe is derived from the nonstop interchanging relationship of Yin and Yang, like night into day. Yin and Yang form the seasons and give rise to the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Five Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal relate to the different seasons, to the organs in our body, with our emotions and spirit. Each element affiliates with a healing color, organ, functional system and emotion.

Fire – Red strengthens the Heart, Circulation, Joy, heals Anxiety

Water -Blue/Black strengthens the Kidney, Energy, Alertness, heals Fear

Earth – Yellow strengthens the Spleen, Digestion, Contentment, heals Worry

Wood -Green strengthens the Liver, Purification, Kindness, heals Anger

Metal -White strengthens Lungs, Confidence, heals Depression & Grief

Enjoy wearing your Yin Yang Dragon shirt in good health and balanced living.;