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Welcome and experience your body, mind, and spirit through the ancient practice of Qigong, Chinese Yoga and Ceramics.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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Dragon Arts Studio has devoted over 30 years of experience to promoting the Healing Arts through the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong (Qigong is the healing arts, rather than the martial arts, of Tai Chi for maintaining a balanced healthy well being.), and sharing the by product of that creative energy through Ceramic Arts. The "Dragon", the ancient Chinese symbol of Wisdom and Power, is a protective being that helps restore and transform negative energy into positive energy. Inspired by the dragon's power and symbolism, Dove incorporates the dragon...

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Qigong Facts

Qigong Facts

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Experience your body, mind, and spirit through the ancient practice of Qigong, a Chinese Yoga. Qigong is over 7000 years old and is the foundation of Tai Chi . There are many different forms of Qigong. Qi or chi is known as vital energy. Gong is work or cultivating the life energy. In the practice of Qigong, we connect with Universal Life Energy by aligning the Heavenly Energy from above with Mother Earth's Energy and our own Human Energy...

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What to Expect

What to Expect

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Pre Register for all College of Marin Classes online, through mail, or in person. The Community Ed Catalogue is sent out a few weeks before the quarter begins. If you need financial assistance, you must apply within the first 2 weeks of registration. The Wild Goose Qigong and Wisdom Healing Qigong are both offered through COM. Register at All other classes, including Kaiser, register when you come to class. Classes are ongoing, you may join at any time...

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  • 11Apr


    UncategorizedDear Qigong Students,I love doing Qigong at the beach. My favorite Qigong warmup these days is a beautiful Shibashi practice made of 18 Taichi Qigong movements. The traditional form is repeating the movements...
  • 15Feb

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    UncategorizedHappy Chinese New Year, 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. The wood element signifies stability, honesty, loyalty, creativity and growth, while the dragon symbolises power, good fortune, harvest and...


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Dragon Qigong

Dragontales are a collection of ancient dragon Qigong exercises, practiced in order to achieve physical fitness, increase vitality and good health. Dragontales are simple and fun and they open up all channels of energy, help find balance, and restore good health. Dragons are considered special beings made from both earth and cosmic vibrations. They are wise, powerful, protective, strong and transformative in color, shape and energy.

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Wild Goose Qigong

Wild Goose Qigong is an ancient healing practice, 1700 years old, passed down from master to student, mostly in secrecy. The Chinese government, recognizing the healing benefits, allowed Grandmaster Yang Mei Jun- the 27th lineage holder, to unveil the practice and begin teaching open classes during the Cultural Revolution. Today, millions of practitioners benefit from this ancient practice. The wild goose is revered in Chinese culture and described as being loyal to its mate and flock, encouraging his flock and rotating responsibilities… a highly respected person is often compared to being like the Wild Goose.

Five Animal Frolic

In the springtime I teach the Five Animal Frolics which is the most ancient Qigong system still practiced today. It is one of the oldest healing practices in the world created by Hua Tuo (110-207 A.D.), who is considered the “father of Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

The Five Animal Frolics, modeled after the Crane, Bear, Monkey, Deer and Tiger are very graceful dance-like exercises. These movements offer a complete system of Qigong which can improve balance, develop strength, grace, flexibility, and an abundance of healing energy.

Five Elements Form

This is a form based on the Five Elements of Nature from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Master Al Huang studied with many Tai ji (tai chi) masters in China and brought a simplified form to the United States. As a trained dancer, he introduced the Tai ji as a way of learning how to regain balance and discover the wisdom of the senses, integrating body and mind as one. Master Huang was my mentor and teacher for many years, giving me confidence to make this form my own dance. The Five Elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth come alive with this Tai Ji Practice.

Wisdom Healing

Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong, provides an effective path to take charge of one’s health and to discover a powerful “inner medicine”. It is a complete system of mind and body practice based on the teachings of Dr Pang Ming, founder of the largest “Medicineless” Hospital in China. (With a 95% effective rate for treating 180 different diseases.) Master Mingtong Gu, who taught at the Zhineng Hospital, brought Wisdom Healing Qigong to the SF Bay Area and currently leads workshops, retreats, and teacher training.