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Shibashi – 18 Taichi Qigong Movements

  1. Commencing the Form, with breath
  2. Opening the Heart, Broadening Ones Chest – Embrace Nature
  3. Painting the Rainbow, Dancing with Rainbows
  4. Parting the Clouds, Circling Arms
  5. Repulsing the Monkey, Twisting Waist & Swinging arms
  6. Rowing the Boat
  7. Casting all cares to the Devine, Lifting a ball of chi
  8. Turn and Gaze at the Moon
  9. Pushing Palms, Repel the Fiery Dragon
  10. Playing with Clouds/ Wave Hands like Clouds
  11. Becoming One with the Sea and Sky, Scooping the Sea
  12. Pushing the Waves, Playing with Waves
  13. Dove Spreads it’s Wings, Swan in Flight /Repeat 11R, 12R, 13R
  14. Punching in Horse Stance
  15. Flying like Wild Goose
  16. Turning the Wheel of Dharma, Spinning Wheels /Reverse
  17. Bouncing the Ball of Chi in the Bubbling Spring
  18. Balancing and Storing the Chi / Pressing the Palms – Returning to Dantien

Practice 6 times each movement

The Breath is very important in Qigong . Allow movements to flow with natural rhythm of your breath. Relax and enjoy

Taken from

Video from Vivian Chao