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Testimonials and Class Comments

After ending each weekly zoom Wild Goose session with Dove, I feel as thought I’ve visited higher ground —at least
I feel elevated with her instruction, presence and her natural light-filled studio. Her knowledge, instruction,
grace are consistent, easy to understand heartfelt. Though we be yet to meet in person, her website is filled with her
prolific traditional Chinese practices and creative talents. The videos are beautiful to watch and even more lovely to
practice learning Dove’s majesty.

Jane Muramoto Yung, Class Comment 12/03/2021

I absolutely Love Dove`classes! Today, November 8th her class “Healing QiGong” gave me everything I needed! We did mat exercises,to elongate and strengthen the spine, weights and at the end the Five elements QiGong …
At the end of the class, I felt stronger physically, more aligned and balanced emotionnally!
Dove is an amazing teacher! She knows so many forms of QiGong. She has also been my” home personal physical therapist”, as I call her Zoom classes who helped me recover from a car accident and a sore low back” .This is so precious in the time of covid19… I have been doing QiGong with Dove for 20 years…and the Zoom classes are truly wonderful! I am grateful to Dove!

Dominique, Class Comment 11/08/2021

Today’s class was just what I needed. We started with some chair exercises, to warm up our bodies. Then we did floor exercise’s to strengthen our abs, and strengthen our legs. We finished up with, stand up stretching, and movements. Great way to start the day.

Pam, Class Comment 11/06/2021

Dove’s classes give me energy, for my mind and body. After class today I was able to focus on my days tasks.

Pam, Class Comment 10/25/2021

Oct 25 2021,Before class today, my energy was down .Now that class is over my body feels energized, also my mind is calm and relaxed. I have been in Dove’s classes for over 25 years. Together as a class we keep our minds , body’s and soul s, fill with strength and courage.

Pam, Class Comment 10/25/2021

Thank you again for your Wisdom Qigong offering. Taking your Qigong class was a powerful experience that gave me a much deeper and healing connection to my body and universal Qi. Prior to this class I had some knowledge of and experience with Qi, but I’d never had any actual practices that I felt intentionally and actually connected me to it. I plan to continue practicing what I’ve learned for the healing, wellness and peace that comes with Wisdom Healing Qigong. Your teaching was very easy to follow and learn from and I am very grateful to you.


I noticed tremendous benefit after my very first Wild Goose Qigong class, 3 years ago.The pain in my knee was gone! I couldn’t believe it! I now study both the Wild Goose and the Wisdom Healing Qigong with Dove. Her style of teaching is easy and fun. The benefits are cumulative. Here’s what I have noticed:

~more energy, strength, and vitality
~better sleep
~improved digestion
~better balance
~more flexibility and wider range of motion
~calmer, happier, and more at peace

I am truly grateful for the Qigong classes with Dove. They have changed my life.

G. Kahn, Novato

It has been 10 years, I have been doing qigong with Dove. I began this miraculous practice at a difficult time of my life, pre menopause and menopause. I was having recurrent infections, (bladder and eye infections). I got rid of these ailments shortly after beginning Qigong.

Dove is a wonderful person. I love each form of qigong. She teaches 5 Animal Frolics, Dragon Qigong, Wild Goose Qigong, and now Wisdom Healing Qigong. I am a massage therapist and the Qigong practice helps me stay limber and pain free in my body. Qigong is my Religion.

D. Paillet

Dove Govrin is a master of many different forms of Chi Gong. Incorporating her dance , movement therapy and interest in the healing arts, Doves classes are therapeutic and enjoyable. All ages and physical capabilities are welcomed and helped.

I was first introduced to doves Kaiser classes 12 years ago after a massive back injury. I have been helped and nurtured through the years by Doves wonderful classes.

Dove teaches many different locations at many different times throughout the week in Marin county. I can always find an affordable class to go to that fits my schedule throughout the week. I so look forward to doves wonderful classes and would highly recommend them for ANYONE

C. Chapman, Merchant Chapman realtors

Why I take part in this Thursday exercising class with Dove. Like nearly all of us the years have seen wear, tear and disease degrade my physical condition. I can no longer do the vigorous activities that I so much liked to do and that were so rewarding for me. The question is; how can I minimize further deterioration? My answer has come in two parts, aerobic walking sessions, with walking poles to aid balance, and in doing stretching and flexing routines under the tutelage and inspirational guidance of Dove, our class leader and student of foreign and domestic schools of healing and prevention. She is and has been a most positive and effective influence in my life and well being. If you think this might be a worthwhile avenue for you to try, then by all means join any of Doves various classes. After the first session you will get your answer.

Phil W, Novato

Each week, at the end of Dove’s 90 minute (feels like 20) Tai Chi
class, I am relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. There is a sense of
renewal, balance and well-being of body and mind. I always look
forward to Wednesday evenings, and am never disappointed. Dove
ALWAYS delivers.

C. Gacetta

When I saw people doing Wild Goose Qi Gong, I knew that I had to learn it. Aside from the beauty and grace of the movements, there was a very calming effect. It has been 5 years since I began and I still enjoy it. Doing the Wild Goose keeps my brain sharp, because I am paying attention to the details of the movements, remembering the order of the movements and it keeps me focused and engaged


10 years ago I began taking Qigong in a class, with great trepidation, because I had never been comfortable taking classes, and was quite debilitated in mind and body. I am still here! The experience has been so very rewarding, learning the 1st and 2nd Wild Goose Qigong forms which demand a lifetime pursuit. There comes a calmness and healing effect to both body and mind. Our teacher, Dove, continues to expand her Qigong – related teachings for the benefit of all of us.

P. Elvebak

As a professional mariner, I had met numerous practitioners and students of Qigong (ChiGung). I observed a common thread. Whether they were German, Chinese, or American, they all had an “inner peace.” My wonderful experience with the Wild Goose Qi Kong form began in 2001 with my instructor, Ms. Dove Govrin. Over the past ten years, I have been able to gather my energy at her sessions at the College of Marin (Kentfield), and the Indian Valley College. Less demanding than the martial arts, Dove’s instructional style makes her class the highlight of my week. Whether utilizing self-massage, meditation, or practicing the Wild Goose form, I have been able to share these healing practices. Come join us!

Stuart Q, San Rafael

I have attended the Wild Goose Qigong class with Dove at IVC for over 2 years and I intend to continue as long as there is a class and I am able. Dove’s teaching accommodates many levels of ability so newcomers are welcomed along with experienced students, seniors as well as youngsters. Dove is knowledgeable about the physical and spiritual aspects of her subjects. She is a skilled practioner in many modalities. I appreciate her gentle manner and her attention to detail. I feel I have been truly immersed in the discipline of Wild Goose Qigong.

Jennifer K, Novato

Taking a Wild Goose Qigong class over the last eight years with Dove has been miraculous. At 76, I feel totally invigorated with energy, joyful feelings of well-being, an amazing education of self-healing, inner strength and balance, a connection with Mother Nature, and the comradery among our flock of geese. Dove’s essence, humor, the care she takes for each student and her way of imparting what we can do for ourselves and others to stay healthy and joyful; information that she calls our “medicine bag.” Qigong encompasses it all — Body, Mind and Spirit.

Carole L, San Rafael

Qigong with Dove has not flared up any of my injuries which is amazing…also I have been able to strengthen my body, relax my mind, improve my balance and posture, it helps my joints – I don’t need the cortisone shots for my bad knee anymore…it is much easier to meditate…the benefits are numerous. Also, Dove is very good with people who have injuries or limitations. I am really grateful to have Dove’s classes because she knows what she’s doing; she knows how to help you work through your particular problems and correct things to avoid reoccurrence or potential future damage. I also took an individual session with Dove, which was very beneficial as I was able to understand more in depth about the breathing and movements. The individual instruction was extremely helpful in learning to relax through the exercises properly instead of using too much force, which was kind of defeating the point. Qigong with Dove helps you relax, gives you much better mobility and strength over time – I love it. I can honestly give the highest recommendation to Dove’s qigong classes or personal qigong instruction. Go for it!!

Victoria G, San Anselmo

I am 85 years old and I met Dove about 9 years ago when she held a weekly Tai Chi class at our clubhouse. She has helped me so much with my breathing, balance, and general well being. The class is now called Wisdom Healing Qigong. This class has helped give me more positive energy. I have graduated from Hospice more than once; I can attribute much of this to Qigong. I love Dove and the class and I try to do as much as I can during the week. I thank Dove for all her kindness and health ideas that she has taught others and me through the Qigong classes.

J.Yager, Novato

Aqua chi with Dove strengthens and relaxes at the same time. Dove’s teaching and beautiful backyard brings serenity to your mind body and soul.

P.Harris, San Rafael, Novato

Aqua Chi is amazingly relaxing yet energizing. Qigong forms that are difficult to do on land are effortless in the water. We exercise, we meditate, and we swim, in a warm pool surrounded by peaceful hillside. Splish, splash, I love it!!!!

C. Chapman, San Rafael, Novato