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We are happy to offer more Qigong opportunities.
Monday mornings I continue to teach on Zoom, Moving with Chi.

Thursday Aqua Qigong is back! Starting July 21!

Wild Goose Qigong Fridays. Register at Marin Community Ed.
College of Marin Physical Education Classes

Every Tuesday Wild Goose Qigong Practice is held at the Civic Center Duck Pond at 3:45 . Weather Permitting.
Wishing everyone a Happy and Health New Year.
Chi blessings with gratitude

Monday Moving with Chi 11:00am PDT.  No Monday classes starting June 13th. They will resume on July 11.

In this class we integrate proper alignment, strength, flexibly, and relaxation into the ancient practices of Qigong and Taichi. When Chi, Life Energy, flows freely, our body, mind and spirit is rejuvenated. Each season you will learn a new style and form of Qigong. Have a mat or bed available for floor exercises, and light weights, like water bottles. You are invited to try out a class, the first class is free.

The fee is $10 per class. Payment by check or Zelle.

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Pre-recorded Monday Qigong for Health Class

Mindful Floor Exercises

Thursday Aqua Qigong 3:45-5:00   Starting July 21, 2022

Aqua Qigong Classes With Covid Safety in mind, smaller groups for fully vaccinated participants.
The therapeutic chlorine free pool is 90 degrees for a relaxing, invigorating, healing experience in my Spirit Garden Pool.
Cost per Class is $25. 3 Classes $65.
Please RSVP as Space is very limited.
Call 415 484 5344 or email

Thursday Wisdom Healing Qigong  11:00am PDT. The last class will be June 9th for the summer.
Through movement, visualization, sound, breathing, and conscious intention to cultivate energy for health, balance, well- being, and self-healing, the ancient practice of Wisdom Healing (Zhening) Qigong strengthens the body, reduces stress, activates more life energy, and enhances mental clarity and emotional stability.

The fee is $10 per class. Payment by check or Zelle.

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Pre-recorded Thursday Wisdom Healing Class

Friday Wild Goose Qigong in Person through College of Marin

Wild Goose Qigong is an ancient practice, 1700 years old. It is a non-strenuous discipline which generates health and balanced well-being. Throughout the year, we will learn a lovely set of 64 flowing movements that imitate the daily activities of the wild goose, a bird much venerated in China. Warm-up stretches, self-massage of acupressure points, and meditation are included in this daily routine of self-care. Register at College of Marin Physical Education Classes
5350 | Govrin | Indian Valley Campus
3 Fridays 10-Noon | July 8- July 22nd

Pre-recorded Friday Wild Goose Qigong Class

Tuesday Wild Goose Qigong at the Civic Center Duck Pond 4:00pm PST. No classes starting June 14th. They will resume July 5th, which will be held at Dove’s house due to the County Fair. Classes will resume at the Duck Pond July 12th.
Will be taught at the Civic Center Duck pond, weather permitting.


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